Friday, May 25, 2012

Spring Random

The title speaks for itself. I wish I had a more creative subject heading for this blog post, but I am so far behind, that I'm playing a quick game of catch-up now.

I'm not very good at doing this every day. 

I left off in March, Mylie's 10th birthday....then comes April where, yet again, the DeBacker's were blessed. A co-worker of Chris's has a home in Florida that he and his wife were not using and asked us to use it for the week of Spring Break. AWESOME! We jumped at the offer...turned out, the condo was a 1/2 mile from where my two older brothers and their families were staying that same week! Double Awesome!! 


There was the beach during the day; (with cousins!)


There was the beach during the night;


Waves that make this pretty teenage girl look even more pretty;


Sand Dollar Catching;


Lizard Catching;


Pool Jumping;


Ice Creaming;


And Sibling Dinnering!


The rest of April and May brought us:

A celebration of two very smart girls with all A's every semester;


More pretty girls skipping school for a day to go see the Tigers play;


Watched our oldest play tennis for the 3rd year in a row...she's on the "A" team!


Watched our spunkiest (at the moment) win every single soccer game this season.


Now we are to Memorial Day Weekend. Where there will be food, family....and more food and cousins...and more food and games, and laughter and lots of love.

I'd like to say I'll post about it...


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mrc-w said...

Great update! I loved the picture of the girls jumping on the beach at night - such a cool shot!!
Oh, and I kept doing "double-takes" whenever I saw Crisilee, because I thought she was you or you were her!
You've motivated me - I think I'll have to update mine sometime this weekend! :)